Workers Compensation Insurance

Our independent agents at Sapelo Insurance have offered detailed workers compensation insurance advice to business owners in Georgia, South Carolina, Florida and many other states.

Our work within the field allows us to provide answers to a wide range of questions you may have regarding your workers compensation needs:

  •  How are my workers compensation rates calculated? When writing a workers comp policy, insurance providers often review the experience rating of your business. This rating involves the number of accident claims filed by your business over a set period of time. We can help you understand your experience rating and how it may impact your rates. We also offer complimentary risk management and loss prevention consulting in an effort to help reduce your exposure and keep your workers compensation rates low.
  •  What does a workers compensation policy cover? In the event that an employee falls ill or is injured during the course of their duties, a workers compensation policy can offer financial compensation for that employee’s medical care, lost wages, retraining, temporary and permanent disability and other expenses.
  •  Is my business required to carry workers compensation coverage? Under Georgia and South Carolina law, employers are required to carry workers compensation coverage, although there are some exemptions. We will carefully review your business and offer advice on your unique coverage requirements.

For a Workers Compensation quote please contact our office.

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